Pinot Noir Glasses

We may perhaps not keep in mind it obviously, nevertheless headlines during summer time of 2008 were all about the wildfires raging in California.  They spread from Santa Barbara to Oregon.  These people were collectively known as the “Northern Ca Lightning Series” including over 2,700 individual fires which spanned from might 22nd to July 25th.  During late Summer (the worst few days of period), most of the location ended up being covered in thick, dark smoke and numerous areas recorded record high quantities of smog.  Then the fires ended, the summers ended and then we (as consumers) shifted.  A lot of us have not even had another though about those fires, as yet.

In comparison, numerous Californian wine producers have seriously considered those summer time fires daily during the last two years.    Just how would they avoid that dreaded ‘smoke taint’ left-over from fires.

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