Marquise Diamond Ring

The simple yet sophisticated outlines of marquise diamond wedding bands cause them to become the most admired selections for bridal sets and for various other accented rings and solitaires. Knowing why is this specific diamond shape person and how it impacts the other qualities of the gem is crucial for couples choosing a marquise stone.

The normal marquise shape is believed to possess started in 18th century France beneath the rule of King Louis XIV, when he supposedly commissioned a brand new shape to mimic his mistresss sultry look. The resultant slim oval with tapered, pointed ends had been known as for the mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. These days, the marquise diamond form is a vintage option for couples contemplating a stunning stone but who dont want the standard and often foreseeable round brilliant shape. Due to their extended form, marquise diamonds may also be called boat-shapes or navette diamonds.

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