George Nelson Sunflower Clock



Sunflower oil contains predominantly linoleic acid in triglyceride type. The Uk Pharmacopoeia details these profile:


Palmitic acid : 4 – 9percent,


Stearic acid : 1 – 7per cent,


Oleic acid : 14 – 40%,


Linoleic acid : 48 – 74percent.


There are numerous kinds of sunflower oils produced, eg large linoleic, large oleic and middle oleic. Tall linoleic sunflower oil typically has at the least 69percent linoleic acid. Tall oleic sunflower oil has actually at the least 82per cent oleic acid. Variation in unsaturated efas profile is highly affected by both genetics and weather. Within the last few ten years high stearic sunflower outlines happen developed in Spain in order to prevent the application of hydrogenated vegetable essential oils in meals industry.

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