Frameless Mirrors

Installing of an average frameless bath door and panel for do-it-yourselfer

You will require: 3/8 door and panel, hinges,hinges screws, handle base brush and attack seal

Drill / screw weapon ,level, lumber shims, 3/16″ metal exercise bit, 3/16″ masonry exercise little bit  for hardened tile you will need a spear little bit, 3/16″ plastic wall surface anchors, #6 screws approx 1 1/4″ lengthy, caulking gun, obvious mildew resistance caulk

Pre drill the u-channels. Using  3/16″ drill bit approx 4″ from each end plus in the center.

Position the bottom track in which you are interested (usually focused)on the curb and push it from the wall. Mark your holes and   drill 3/16″ gap into the curb utilizing a 3/16″ masonry drill bit .use 3/16″ plastic anchors and  number 6 screws about 1 1/4″ long ..stainless or galvanized. Repeat for vertical u-channel placing along with underneath u-channel and leveling it on the wall surface.

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