Foo Dog Lamps

Also known as Chinese Temple Forest puppy, Chinese T’ien Koi, the Chinese Choo Hunting Dog, and Chinese Lung-Kou, the Chinese Foo has actually a compact, square-like create. They arrive in three sizes: the Toy, Miniature, and traditional tall, little, medium, and enormous dimensions in fat.


A double-coated breed, the Chinese Foo features a hard, heavy, weather-resistant overcoat, and dense, soft, woolly inner layer. They will have short, smooth and dense fur on head, and front associated with the feet, while the chest, neck, bottom, hind part of legs and underside of tails would be the longest. Breed requirements accept any shade or mixture of black colored, blue, brown and blue, black-and-tan, cream and sable, fawn, red, orange, wolf-gray, sable.

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