Fellowes Shredder

A Guillotine cutter is employed to cut through a sizable bunch of paper. It’s perfect for organizations, schools, alongside organizations that have to cut countless report in a single motion to speed-up production. Guillotine Cutters can usually cut through ten to fifty sheets of twenty-pound report at the same time, and show guides or rulers that will help you attain the specified cut. Guillotine design report blades have an arm with a blade that’s manually drawn down to cut through a stack of report.

The Fellowes Plasma Cutters are heavy-duty guillotine cutters with metal blades that will slice through around forty sheets of twenty-pound report with ease. The Plasma Cutter features a foldable pre-assembled SafeCutâ„¢ Guard that stops connection with the cutting blade, avoiding accidents. The cutter also includes cutting guides for various paper sizes, photos and angled slices. Unlike a great many other guillotine cutters, the Fellows Plasma Cutter functions a paper clamp to securely keep the stack of paper in place for a great cut without sliding of sheets. This report clamp and adjustable edge guide ensure accuracy in just about every cut, generally there is no more spending mis-cut sheets. The solid metal base is durable functions non-skid foot for a strong grip to any area. There are 2 different Fellowes Plasma Cutters available: the Fellowes Plasma 150 Cutter (Fellowes Item# 5411002) together with Fellowes Plasma 180 Cutter (Fellowes Item3 5411102).

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