Ashley Hogan Sofa

The Ben Hogan key has now reached folklore standing during the last 50 years. To this day, men and women however speculate that the popular player had a secret to their incredible ball-striking. Many assert he took it with him to your grave, while some claim that he left cryptic messages inside the instructional guide, Five classes: The Modern Principles of Golf.

Therefore performed the Ben Hogan secret exist? Well, let us glance at some numbers so as to make an educated decision.

The PGA Tour at this time monitors numerous statistical groups, including driving precision and greens hit-in regulation. The leaders, presently, struck around 70per cent of fairways and greens. Although the PGA would not formally capture these stats during Ben Hogan age, it has been recorded that during his prime, Ben Hogan would usually play 18 holes without lacking a fairway or green. Maybe not a single one!

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