Aquabot Turbo

Aquabots become main stream in the share offer business. Aquabot pool cleaners may be found in a variety of variations and designs.

The basic model is just call ‘Aquabot‘, but there is much more than just ‘Aquabot’, but there are the T series models like the Aquabot Turbo T, T2, T RC/SRC and the T4 RC. Then there is the typical Aquabot Turbo and Turbo RC (rc). Now a brand new design emerged which is the ‘Aquabot Junior’. There is the Cobia this is certainly another type of a pool cleaner with a salt chlorinator on-board. C.O.B.I.A signifies Chlorine onboard incorporated Automation, which include not only cleansing choice but additionally a salt chlorination system. This will be a revolution in robotic share cleansing business.

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